Tuesday, May 14, 2019

MW Brainstorm Day

May 25th from 5 pm EST to 10 Pm EST

Hosting Livestream on YouTube at

At Brainstorm Day I will be
- Making New Cards
- Implementation of New Ideas
- Testing New Concepts
- Testing New Modes
- Talking about Games, Mechs, and Random Stuff XD

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Development Hiatus

This game is in development hiatus and had been like thar since the beginning of the year and as time goes on idk when I start working on this game again. That being said just because the game is in development hiatus doesn't mean I won't be willing to play it. Right now my creative passion has faded away and may take some time to get back on track. I will update the discord and blog site when I made significant progress on the game. 

Friday, January 11, 2019

New Year, New Host, New Rulebook Changes (Ver 2.3.2)

The Github Server that host Mecha Warriors Stuff is now shutdown. Amazon AWS will now host Everything relating to Mecha Warriors

NEW AUTO UPDATE LINK: https://s3.amazonaws.com/mechawarriors/updatelist.txt 

Expect Less Freezes and a better update experience  with this server

This update will enforce ver 2.3.2 of the Rulebook

- You Can No Longer Activate Attack Shift Twice in the same turn. If you attack shift with a “Temporary” clause, it will stay an attack card until your end phase [During the end phase it will turn back into a weapon and gain 1 turn limit counter, this is mandatory procedure). Remember if you attack shift with a "Permanent" clause, that weapon can’t be a weapon card again (unless by some card effect).

- If you manually return a weapon to your hand You Can No Longer Manually Attach Weapons for that turn.

New Rulebook Download Link:  https://s3.amazonaws.com/mechawarriors/Mecha+Warriors+2.3.2+Online+Ver.pdf

Monday, December 10, 2018

Late Night Battle

When you playtesting with yourself but the battle ended up being way longer than expected XD. View is from the opponent perspective.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

NT-64 Multispreader Premade Deck Explanation and Live Demonstration Video

I've made some videos showing off the NT-64 Multispreader Deck. The videos show an explation of card choices and a live demonstration of the deck. These videos are exclusive to the discord group and blogsite only. For anyone new learning about this game i urge you to join the discord group at https://discord.gg/a9EUgZw if you interested in learning this game because these videos do not go over rulings.

Deck Explanation Video:

Live Demonstration Video:

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Mecha Warriors 2.1.1 Ruling and Plugin Update

Rule Book Has Been Updated to Version 2.3.1

Ruling Changes:
Deck Requirement is now 33 Cards. These cards include a 30 card main deck and 3 starting cards. Like before the starting cards is consist of a Mecha Card and a Regular Weapon Card for the mecha card but now an starting attack card is added to the starting cards pool. The starting attack card must be a Regular Attack Card with a pp cost of 1 or less and must be compatible with your starting weapon card.

New Start of game procedure
1.    Each Player draws 3 cards
2.    Each Player reveal their Mecha Card and starting Weapon Card and place it on the field
3.    Each player reveals their staring attack card and adds it to their hand
4.    The game begins, first player does not draw a card for their first draw phase and cannot attack.

plugin has been updated using same rules as before. Following changes has been made. May need a reinstall

Card Changes:
-    Nerfed “NT Core Visor” (You cannot return the same card you discarded)
-    Nerfed “NT MultiSpreader Cannon – Power Attack” (Reduction effect only affects one card)
-    Ruliex Burning Strike has been fixed (Added Availability Checkmarks)
-    SCRAPPED “Ruliex Golden Burning Strike”
-    ADDED “Ruliex Gloves – Vanity Attack” (Regular Attack Card with no damage)
-    ADDED “Attack Modifier” (Generic Upgrade Card allows you to change the pp cost of an attack card on the field)
- NERFED "NT Bazooka - Basic Burst Shot" (Effect cannot be used the same turn it was set)
- NERFED "FZ-190 Excalibur" (Mecha Effect now cost 4 PP)
- NERFED "FZ Stunmania" (Cost 6 PP now instead of 4)
- NERFED "Ruliex Devion" (Mecha effect is now cost 3 PP instead of 1)
- NERFED "Ruliex First Strike" (Impact or Direct Damage clause added)
- NERFED "Ruliex Burning Strike" (Impact or Direct Damage clause added)
- NERFED "Ruliex Extract Attack" (Impact or Direct Damage clause added, After Impact effect is once per GAME instead of per turn)
- NERFED "Ruliex Vantage Strike" (Impact or Direct Damage clause added)
- NERFED "Ruliex Regal Holding Attack" (Impact or Direct Damage clause added)
- NERFED "Ruliex Regal Ultimate Strike" (Impact or Direct Damage clause added)
- NERFED "Ruliex Returning Fury Attack" (Impact or Direct Damage clause added)

Download Link to Rule Book:

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

New Beta Decks Arrived

I gave another shot of making more IRL cards and imo these turned out really nice. Unlike before these cards have borders, check them out.

Decks I ordered are...

FZ-190 Mecha card

Ruliex Devion Mecha Card

Regular Weapon Design

Protective Weapon Design

Temporary Weapon Design

Regular Attack Design

Assault Attack Design

Upgrade Design 
Secret Design